Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

One of my most favorite things about my son's letters is that he shares with us his daily "Hand of God" experiences.  As he watches for the Hand of God in his daily life he is beginning to cultivate an "Attitude of Gratitude". 
And by so doing he is teaching me to be more observant with my own "Hand of God" experiences - falling in love all over again with my husband, watching my son knell across the alter from his beautiful bride in the Draper temple, finding out another son and his wife are expecting their long awaited third child, receiving the acts of service given by my children, having sisters who sustain and support me, having friends who I can share my feelings with and know they are safe, having insight while reading the scriptures, learning and teaching Primary songs, enjoying sunsets, fall leaves, pine trees, lakes and mountains, having my testimony grow, figuring out how the spirit talks to me, making quilts that I love, bonding on family vacations, enjoying cabin trips, and watching Hallmark Christmas movies.